Create custom filter in Angular JS

In Angular JS,

Filter is a nice way to format the data displayed.

Filter can be used in view templates, controllers or services and  we can define our own filter.

Angular Js filters transforms the data as it passes from the scope to the directive but it does not change the actual data, and it  allow you to format or transform data for display in views.


A filter can be added to an expression using a pipe character (|) .



In HTML Template Binding

{{ filter_expression | filter : expression : comparator}}


In JavaScript Controller

$filter(‘filter’)(array, expression, comparator)


There are several built-in filter in angular js.


uppercase or lowercase – Change the case of a string

currency – Format a currency value

number – Format a general numeric value

date – Format the date

limitTo – Select/Display a limited number of  information from a data set.

orderBy – Sort the objects in an array



Here i will capitalize all characters of string:

{{ ‘My name is Nitish Kumar’ | uppercase }}


A filter also takes arguments. We can pass it like this way:

{{ 123.4567 | number:1 }}
//result: 123.4


We can use filters in the Angular JS controller, For this we need to use $filter service:

app.controller('YourController', ['$scope', '$filter',
  function($scope, $filter) {
      $scope.myName = $filter('uppercase')('My name is Nitish Kumar');
     // result: 'MY NAME IS NITISH KUMAR'


How to create a custom filter

To create a custom filter we have to just register a new filter factory function with our module.

This factory function should return a new filter function which takes the input value as the first argument. Any filter arguments are passed in as additional arguments to the filter function.

 .filter('myslug', function () {
     return function (inputValue) {
       if (inputValue) {
           return inputValue.toLowerCase().replace(/[^a-z_]/g, '-');

In this example we convert the string into lower case and replacing any spaces with dash.

{{ ‘this is my slug’ | myslug }}
//result: this-is-my-slug


Angular Docs For Filters:




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